Armidale 2012
World War Two Living History Tactical Weekend

4th to 5th August 2012

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Armidale NSW is situated in the New England Region, 444 km south of Brisbane ( approx 7 hours) and 559 km north of Sydney on the New England Highway.
The event will be held on the same ground used by NEMAS for its Dark Ages Events.

The exact location will be the ARMIDALE STATE FOREST.
From Armidale drive down MARSH STREET. You will cross Dumaresq Creek over the Steven's Bridge.
Drive down Marsh Street 1.1 km to an Ampol Service Station.
The road now becomes Rockvale Road continue on 5.2 km past new housing estates to the gate to the State Forest on your right.
The gate on the right after the bridge over Tilbuster Creek (it will be marked Day and Night). Look out for it after crossing the creek.
Follow the markers over the hill to the camp ground and site of the Long House.

A map of the area is available through CMA outlets. DUMARESQ 9227-3-S 1..25000 NSW.

The ground is plantation pine with sandy tracks and low hills opening onto a flat plain. There is little or no undergrowth.
At night, the forest near the camp area is pitch black. Individuals moving after dark are urged to carry a light source.

What is it all about.
The weekend is all about WW2 reenacting.
Practice weapons handling, safety, tactical formations / drills, and blank ammunition usage in a pleasant environment away from gum trees and the public.
Saturday night will be non tactical with a chance to meet reenactors from around the country.
Sunday, units will have the opportunity to practice your skills in tactical scenarios against your historically correct opponents.

Who can attend
Any WW2 Axis or Allied Reenactment group. Individuals are welcome and efforts will be made to hook you up with a unit.Registration is required.

Cost per person for the event in 2012 is TBA.
The event is fully catered both days, and State Forest camping / forest use fee.
NOTE: INTERSTATE PERMITS FOR FIREARMS IN 2009 cost $xx.xx (see "Firearms" below)
Units will have to provide field rations and blank ammunition by their own arrangement.

Camp Areas
Period camping will be in allocated areas.
The Camp areas are to be kept in period to allow for photos etc.

Weatherzone Seven Day Forecast : New England North West NSW Weather
Bureau of Meteorology Four Day Forcast : Northern Tablelands

Weather for 2009: clear, no rain.

Forest Visitors
State Forests advises the Pines is a state recreation area and we may expect other forest visitors. These may include dog walkers, horses, joggers, and picnickers.
If visitors wander through your scenario or training, cease your activity until it is safe to proceed.

On Arrival
You will be directed to your camping area -This will be by your impression if period or modern.
Once you settle in, present your self to the Event Control Centre (marked by the RED CROSS flag).
Here you can finalise registration and complete your paper work. Shooters are required to bring your licence and firearm to be registered for the event.

It is expected that units will have completed weapons training prior to the event.
Period correct weapons not prohibited under NSW Law are only to be used. This means bolt action rifles basically the are approved weapons.
At this stage handguns are in some doubt. Pyrotechnics will not be used due to bushfire concerns.

IMPORTANT: For non residents of NSW

Firearm requirements.
Historical re-enactment permits can be issued to individuals and groups from interstate for a specific event.
The firearms used must be registered, either to the individual's interstate firearms licence, or an individual or group Historical Re-enactment permit issued by an interstate authority. The firearms to be used will be specifically listed on the permit.

Firearms carrying participants are reminded to have their Shooters Licence with them in anticipation of a police visit over the weekend.

Interstate Application Requirements :

For a permit application phone the NSW Firearms Registry on 02 6670 8563 and ask for a permit application and supplementry instructions for a Historical Re-enactment Permit.The Registry requests this be done ASAP to allow interstate registration checks to be carried.

For information on any questions on the permit contact : Army Group South

Naturally no ball ammunition is allowed on site. Budget on about bringing 100 rounds of blank per participant.
Drill rounds used in weapon training are to be inspected by the safety officer.

Camp fires may only be lit in a clear area and the fire pit surrounded by rocks.
Fire buckets should be brought and placed behind all tents. The creek water is suitable for this purpose.
Fires can only be lit in designated areas. Please ensure that the area is clear around your fire pit and no fire is lit beside a stump.
Tents should have a fire bucket (filled with creek water) behind tents. In the event of fire, State Forests requests that all participants make reasonable efforts to contain the fire. If you detect a fire raise the alarm by shouting "FIRE !".
Due to fire restrictions no pyrotechnics will be used in the event.

It is a State Forest regulation that no lighted match or smoking material be dropped on the forest floor.

Medical staff will be on hand during the weekend. Units and vehicles should carry basic first aid requirements.
A large first aid kit is kept in the base camp. This will also be the event admin point and will be marked with a RED CROSS flag.
This area is out of the exercise area. Units are urged to carry first aid kits. In the need of medical evacuations, this is to be organised by the event coordinators.
All participants will be provided with first aid supplies as a matter of course.
Please let it be known who your unit's medics are.

A full safety brief will be given on Saturday morning.
The overall safety officer is: To Be Advised
Unit safety officers are to be nominated and the Armidale organisers informed ASAP.
Any participant on observing an unsafe action can stop the event by Shouting "STOP STOP STOP !".

Night Fighting
Whilst there will be some extended tactical sessions leading into the night, there will be no prolonged night fighting at this event.

Control of your weapon
At no stage of this event is any firearm to be pointed at another person. Be aware of your muzzle at all times.
Please remember that safety catches are not a substitute for safe handling practises.

Blank ammunition
Blank ammunition will not be discharged within 30 meters of any person and in a 30 degree arc each side of the target.
This can be judged using the three knuckle rule. If in doubt of the safety distance do not fire.
In the case of a misfire, unit NCO's are to supervise unloading. Whilst your firearm is being cleared you are not to be considered part of the exercise.

Close Quarter combat
Bayonets are not to be fixed and hand to hand fighting is prohibited.

Firearm Security
Firearms to be secured at the end of activities. We advise the use of trigger locks and locking firearms out of site in vehicles.
Alcohol is not to be consumed by anyone in control of a firearm. This is a criminal offence in NSW.
If you are captured you are to retain possession of your firearm and carry it slung, muzzle down.

Drug/alcohol policy
NSW Regulations apply. Blood alcohol is to zero when handling firearms.
Alcohol is only to be consumed when weapons have been secured.
Prohibited substances are just that. Prohibited.

The facilities are primitive. There is no power on site. A two compartment four seater pit toilet is on site. There are no showers on site.
Drinking water is available from the water tank
Toilets are pit type. Lime is available at the toilet to dump into the pit after use.
Hand washing facilities are set up near the toilet area.
Garbage bags are available to all units for rubbish collection.
Hot water will be available for dipping mess gear prior to meals and washing up.

A creek runs through the site and the water is undrinkable.
Attendees should bring a water container ( suggest 20 L) with a water run being made into town as nescessary.
Water will be provided for hygiene purposes and for the kitchen.
Campers can fill fire buckets from the on site creek.

There are restrictions for mobile phones due to the geography of the area - Vodaphone mobiles appear to work better in some cases.

Organisers' Mobile Number
The organisers will be on site from Thursday.
Any problems or assistance please contact on mobile xxx xxx xxx

Armidale will be fully catered both days
As desired, groups can issue historically accurate rations.
Units are requested to notify us regarding any specific dietary requirements

Security and Parking
Vehicles will be parked in a secure area close by the main camp. Camping is available on site.
We would hope that non accurate tentage is placed behind the parking area to allow sites for historical shelters around the long house.
(this will assist living history photo opportunities.) The camp will be occupied at all times
The Car park will be on the road coming in at the top of the hill on the right hand side. Modern camping is situated here.
Military vehicles appropriate to your unit are most welcome.
Vehicles must remain on the designated tracks due to the new plantings of pines.
Please notify the organisers if you intend to bring a vehicle. Note: You will be asked to assist in food deliveries to the troops in the field at some point.

Vehicle Movement
Drivers are requested to keep speeds down to 15km an hour in the camp area due to the risk of tentage or people sleeping on the ground.
It is also urged that anyone moving at night do so with a light source due to the darkness of the forest.

Garbage removal.
Garbage bags will be provided to remove all waste from the site

DETAILS: Where: Armidale, NSW. When: 4th & 5th August with a day before and two after just in case and for setup etc. Cost: (to be confirmed). A payment due date will be confirmed shortly. Note: this will be a non-refundable event, so commitment please. Catering: At this stage it will be self catered. Canteen and Field Kitchen invited, but not yet confirmed. Climate: Bring your woollens. Ensure you have sufficient warm clothing and that includes scarves, gloves, cap comforters etc. Sample of previous Programme: Sat. Morning - patrol/recce technique, personal cammo, formation and tactical doctrine - total 3 hours Sat. Afternoon - recce exercise, stalking exercise Sunday - tacticals - ambush, assault on prepared defence, sniper/partisan sweep - to be planned and flexible according to troops available. Notes: Sat. Morning should be largely for the benefit of integrating non-AGS personnel into the appropriate combat team, AGS personnel should have done this training at May Numinbah. Important Notes: 1. Pre rego is essential so nationals can be determined to achieve maximum pre planning. 2. All troops must be prepared for military discipline during the nominated daylight hours. 3. We need a medic (St Johns) and a fire warden at this stage. So any volunteers. 4. A photographer would be nice too. 5. Source of Hay to help keep everyone warm. You MUST book in to attend this event Those wishing to attend the Armidale Event please be made aware that a levy of $20 (non refundable) is to be paid towards the considerable organisation of this event. Rudi is presently putting in an enormous effort dealing with the relevant authorities to make this event an enjoyable and successfull time away, so please don't delay responding to this email. You can make your levy payment to the following: Internet or direct deposit transfer: Credit Union Australia Account Name: Army Group South BSB No 804050 Account No 30307940 Postal address for cheques etc is: PO Box 12325 George Street Brisbane Queensland 4003 IMPORTANT: Please indicate when making payment that the $20 is for the Armidale Levy Due to permit requirements there will be no last minute bookings - Cut off Date is one (1) Week prior to the event
For further details, contact Army Group South
Postal Address : PO Box 12325 George Street Brisbane QLD 4003 AUSTRALIA
Email : Army Group South